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About Us

My name is Susi Perry and I am the owner of All About Paws. I share my life with my husband Kevin and two beautiful pets. Silver or "Silverbelle" is our seven year old cat who remains in full kitten mode. She is an extremely gentle, laid back momma's girl. She has the sweetest disposition of any cat I have ever shared my life with. Silver is a total love bug with a heart of gold who adores dogs.

Sadly in February of 2010 we lost our heart dog. Cami was a brilliant, happy, confidant and overly hyper...but well behaved Boxer. Loved and missed by all that ever had the chance to meet her. Cami was diagnosed with cancer at the age of two. She fought a gallant battle with mast cell cancer for many years of her life. At age three she was diagnosed with ARVC (Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy), a common affliction of Boxers. In the end this disease is what took her from us. She also suffered with allergies and hypothyroidism. Unless you knew her story you would never have known that Cami was a "sick" girl. She lived every day like it was her last. She taught me many things in her short life. She has been and will always be the "face" of my business. Cami taught me to be a better person. A better pet owner. A better pet care provider. She was and will forever remain my HERO.

After spending many months in shock over her loss and tired of feeling beyond sad, Kevin and I realized the silence of a Boxer-less home was near deafening. Our hunt for another Boxer ended with our newest addition....

White Pines July Breeze Invites Raine.

We believe Cami had a hand in leading us to Raine. She came to us literally with angel wing markings. We are still getting to know her between potty training and puppy tantrums but have already fallen in love and are totally smitten. Rainbow is a handful and has far more energy than two adult humans are capable of draining. She is learning quickly and making new discoveries every day. She is a real sweetheart who has helped us in our grieving process.


Our girls are so very special to us and we couldn't imagine life without them. Everyday is an adventure and due to their antics, there are no shortages of laughter in our home.

Both are spoiled rotten.

I have always had animals in my life and truly consider pets as part of the family. The old saying; "A house is not a home without an animal to share it with", rings true for me.

All About Paws was created to ensure that other pet owners who feel as I do have an alternative choice for pet care in their absence.


I am a member of Central Ohio Professional Pet Sitters (C.O.P.P.S.). 
I received my CPR and First Aid for pets certifications from Pet Tech, Inc and The American Red Cross.


I am insured & bonded with Pet Sitter Associates, LLC.

I am involved with Boxer rescue, have attended animal behavior seminars and have participated with my own dog in multiple obedience classes.


Spay and neuter your pets!


"Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet."