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Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

* Westerville, Ohio *

Policies for pets
All About Paws does not do any job sharing. We will not pet sit when anyone else will also be caring for your pet, (neighbors, friends, relatives, etc). Too many issues could arise with multiple caretakers. Communication often times breaks down and the pets suffer. Pets could get double the amount of food, (or no food), or given incorrect dosages of medication. Visits could be missed, needed items to care for your pet could get moved or misplaced. Doors or windows could be left unlocked or open. 

All About Paws will not use any potential injury causing collar devices on your pets. If you currently use choker chains, prong collars, invisible fence collars or shock collars please be advised that while in our care your pets will not have these devices utilized. We understand that some owners use these devices and they work well for them but while in our care we will opt to use another safe and effective means of control such as a Gentle Leader Harness or a Sporn No-Pull Harness (provided by All About Paws).

All About Paws assumes that all pets are indoor pets. We understand that while in your care you may be comfortable leaving your dog or cat outside, unsupervised for periods of time. However, while in our care we will not allow any pet to remain outdoors without us to watch them. We would worry too much about their safety. In addition, no dogs will be allowed to walk or play off leash in any unsecured or non-fenced in areas. All doggie doors with access to the outdoors will need to be closed.

All pets must be spayed or neutered unless you are a responsible breeder, your pet is too young or has a medical condition which would prevent surgery. (Please contact us concerning any questions pertaining to this).