All About Paws
Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

* Westerville, Ohio *

All About Paws provides the following services:

Daily Dog Walking
Great for high energy dogs who need additional exercise or dogs with separation anxiety.

A tired dog is a good dog !!

Mid-Day/Evening potty breaks
Great for puppies in training, senior dogs who can no longer "hold-it" all day or dogs with special needs. Dinner meeting running late? A quick potty break is always an option!

Business Travel, Long Weekends, Vacation Care and Holiday Sits
Your pets will be fed, given fresh water, litter scooped/changed, walked if requested, administered oral medications, played with and given lots of love.

While your pet(s) are being cared for your home will also be monitored. 
Mail, newspapers and packages can be brought into the home. 
Blinds & curtains can be opened and closed. 
Indoor and outdoor plants can be watered. 
Trash and recycled items can be taken to the curb. 
Home lighting, TV's & radios can be turned on and off.
Your home will looked lived in while you are away.